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Description of the investment

Our new ROBYG development, Rhythm of Mokotów, is located in a picturesque corner of the Mokotów district, at the junction of ul. Antoniewska and ul. Piramowicza. The project will include a modern estate surrounded by greenery and representing high standard, including many amenities and innovations supporting environmental protection. It will stand out by a custom-designed mural made with anti-smog paints. The estate will also be equipped with charging stations for electric cars and bicycle racks. A fitness area with sauna and yoga room, children's playgrounds and a toddler club will be made available to residents. We invite you to learn more about our new development and encourage you to buy a flat.

My estate

Fitness area with sauna

A three-storey fitness area with sauna will be made available to residents.

Commercial properties

The ground floors of the buildings will house commercial premises – stores, bakeries and restaurants.

Playgrounds for children

The project features safe playgrounds – the source of joy for the youngest residents.

Chargers for electric cars

We support electromobility. We install electric cars charging stations. It is possible to install an individual charger directly next to the parking space.

Toddler club

The estate will include a year-round indoor toddler club dedicated to the little ones

Green area

The estate is surrounded by green areas ideal for trips, walks and outdoor relaxation.

Photovoltaic panels

Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels significantly reduce the electricity charges of common areas.

Birdhouses and bug houses

We create save nesting places: birdhouses and bug houses.

The highest standard in the area

Surrounded by

The district of Mokotów stands out by the large amount of greenery, city parks and water reservoirs, especially in the Vistula valley. The charming oxbow lakes Czerniakowskie, Sielanka and Wilanowskie are ideal places for walks or bike rides. The peaceful nature of the neighbourhood and the presence of numerous green areas mean that residents can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy outdoor recreation every day.


We have planned special rooms for waste separation with the environment and the comfort of residents in mind. There will be bins adapted to the separation of waste into five types. We also took care to provide convenient access to the bins and a separate ventilation extractor in the waste separation room.

Nearest  neighbourhood

Lower Mokotów
Fashionable place

Lower Mokotów is picturesquely located in a bend of the Vistula River. Residents are attracted by the quiet and prestigious character of this part of the district. It is dominated by low, villa-style housing and plenty of green areas, which makes it an ideal place for walks and excursions. Many historical monuments can also be found here, and the close proximity of the development includes Fort Augustówka with its fortress canal and old cobblestone road.

Wypoczynek i rekreacja

Perfect place for 
your family

Rich infrastructure, good communication and the presence of numerous schools, kindergartens and nurseries make it a perfect neighbourhood for families with children. Daily shopping is facilitated by numerous stores and shopping malls, there are also plenty of attractions for children, such as modern playgrounds and bicycle paths. The district has a rich cultural offer – you will find here theatres, cinemas and museums.


Mokotów owes its popularity to its excellent location – it is close to the city centre and is well connected to other parts of Warsaw. The metro line a major convenience for residents. The development is close to the Siekierkowski bridge connecting the district with the right bank of Warsaw and an express way. The numerous cycle paths that allow you to get to the centre in just 20 minutes are another advantage of its location.

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ROBYG i VANTAGE łączą kompetencje w ramach grupy TAG Immobilien. Jeżeli interesują Cię nasze oferty, potwierdź nam to w poniższych zgodach, a odezwiemy się do Ciebie.
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