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We are a real estate developer who has been changing Polish architecture for over 22 years, shaping trends in the housing industry.

Country-wide Polish

We are one of the leading Polish developers - we actively invest in 4 large agglomerations: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Poznań. Our investments are appreciated by clients due to the high standard and convenient locations. Over 90,000 people live in the estates we have built. We manage the company reliably, we pay a lot of attention to ecology and social commitment. We act responsibly using many innovative technologies and solutions supporting the environment in our housing estates.

We combine competences

Since 2022, we have been operating together with Vantage Development as part of the TAG Immobilien Group. ROBYG builds and sells flats but also carries out general contracting for ROBYG and Vantage developments. Vantage Development company operates under the Vantage Rent brand exclusively in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). The experience and competence of both companies create a completely new quality in the property development market.

30 000



of experience

90 000


and history

In ROBYG, we have been changing Polish architecture for over 22 years, shaping trends in the housing industry. Many years of experience in the sale of flats and the creation of living spaces allow our housing estates to be perfectly adapted to the needs of today’s customers. As the first developer in Poland, we offered our customers a system of intelligent home as a standard. During the period 2010-2018, we were listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

Połączyliśmy się z Vantage Development w ramach Grupy TAG Immobilien - sprzedajemy i budujemy mieszkania, a także realizujemy generalne wykonawstwo inwestycji ROBYG oraz Vantage.


We have implemented innovative air disinfection technology (effectively fighting against COVID-19) in the ROBYG offices – Aura AIR by Keemple.


We acquired the Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane (WPB) company.


We have implemented solutions increasing security in the pandemic era – remote forms of contact, electronic signatures, regular employee examinations, and, additionally, safety measures in the ROBYG offices according to the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.


We received the BREEAM green certificate for the office building ROBYG Business Center in the Warsaw district of Wilanów.


We launched operations in Poznań.


We launched operations in Wrocław.


ROBYG’s debut on the GPW.


We launched operations in Gdańsk.


First project of the ROBYG Group in Poland.


We launch the operations of ROBYG Group.


ROBYG investment represents high development standard, modern architecture, elegant building bodies and functional interiors. We are comprehensively designing the spaces of our investments, ensuring that the estates are functional, complete and friendly for future residents and that the new apartments meet the highest requirements.

It is equally important for us to protect our natural resources, so we are implementing in our estates green solutions. This helps to protect the environment while lowering the cost of living for our customers.

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ROBYG is a well-established developer, a pioneer in setting new directions in the market. For over 22 years, we have been working on the housing market with the utmost care and attention to detail; we have been changing the Polish architecture, shaping trends in the housing industry. Throughout our entire operation, we have sold 30,000 apartments, which translates into 90,000 satisfied customers.

We act

ESG is today an increasingly important part of the global business. In ROBYG, we pay great attention to ecology, social engagement and corporate governance. We place great emphasis on responsible management. We are guided by the three pillars of our sustainable code of conduct: care, support and responsibility. We support foundations, work with local businesses and take part in cultural and sports events. We carry out free infrastructure projects for cities.


Our mission

We want to be a natural choice for all who is looking for a good standard of living and location at a satisfying price. We want to create friendly and safe places to live. That is why we design them in accordance with the idea of sustainable development, with a view to the environment and the needs of individuals and communities as a whole. In our settlements we create functional, vegetation-rich spaces that encourage healthy lifestyles and active spending of time. In our buildings, we use advanced technologies that promote eco-friendliness and cost-saving. We believe that responsible construction is part of building a community in which everyone is important. Our investments are not just buildings for living, they are a good place to live in your own style.

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