for People

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of our strategy. We attach great importance to both environmental protection, the welfare of the society and our relations with various stakeholder groups.

for Ukraine

We are following the news from Ukraine with great concern, hoping that the end of the war will come as soon as possible. In this difficult time, ROBYG stands with the people of Ukraine, and we want to show our solidarity with more than just words.

Our employees are involved in many activities and support campaigns. We donated money to the Polish Red Cross, as well as charities – SOS WIOSKI DZIECIĘCE and FUNDACJA ŚWIĘTEGO MIKOŁAJA which help children from orphanages and foster families in Ukraine. We also support our employees and their families.


We have been involved in a number of outreach campaigns throughout the years, focusing on promoting health, as well as helping sick children and youth, their families and charities offering support to these groups. We also try and get our clients on board – every satisfaction survey filled in by a client results in ROBYG making a donation to those in need. Recently, we have also been involved in combating the coronavirus pandemic by supporting those in need, seniors and medical institutions. We also funded the purchase of medical supplies and protective masks.

local initiatives

For years we have been supporting local social, sport and cultural initiatives. We are involved in the life of the neighbourhoods and cities that house our projects. We co-organise festivals, picnics, and events for children and youth, sponsor regular cultural events – including the Mozartiana International Mozart Festival, Royal Festival of Light, and the Schaeffer Era. What is more, we also build and donate sports and recreational facilities to the cities and support the operations of sports clubs.

for communities

Our business partially focuses on designing, building and donating public infrastructure to the local communities. These projects include access roads, traffic lights, street lighting, bike paths, sidewalks, parks, greenery and street furniture. This responsible approach is best shown by the planned investment in public infrastructure in Poznań, for which we have allocated more than 20 million PLN. This project is going to be the largest infrastructure investment in the history of the city carried out by a private investor.

ROBYG Human Balance

Out of concern for the well-being of our clients, we have developed the ROBYG HUMAN BALANCE standard, which is unique among real estate developers.

Wsparliśmy Bajkową Wielkanocną Przygodę w Instytucie Matki i Dziecki

Od lat jesteśmy jednym z głównych sponsorów drużyny Legia Rugby Sekcja Kobiet. 

Wsparliśmy Fundację Dziecięca Fantazja oraz Świąteczną Galę “Gwiazdka z Fantazją”

Byliśmy sponsorem Wilanowskiego Dnia Sportu

W ramach partnerstwa z Fundacją EFC organizującą Program Stypendialny Horyzonty, objęliśmy patronatem jedną z beneficjentek.

Ufundowaliśmy spektakle w 4 szpitalach dla dzieci we Wrocławiu, Warszawie, Gdańsku i Poznaniu!

Byliśmy sponsorem Wilanowskiego Festiwalu Światła

Byliśmy partnerem ciekawego wydarzenia - Firmowego Rajdu Rowerowego.

Chętnie wspieramy inicjatywy społeczne - współorganizujemy i sponsorujemy wydarzenia kulturalne i sportowe.

Rebuilding the Sarmacka Street – new exit from Miasteczko Wilanów. Construction of a culvert on Wilanowska and Sarmacka Streets.

We are involved in numerous activities supporting those in need. In the photos, you can see Santa Claus handing out 150 Christmas presents at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

We built dog parks in Słoneczna Morena, Lawendowe Wzgórza and Stacja Nowy Gdańsk housing estates.

We have been sponsoring the International Mozart Festival since its first edition in 2006.

Braliśmy udział w charytatywnych wirtualnych regatach MileDOBRA CUP. Celem akcji było wsparcie młodzieży ze środowisk zagrożonych i domów dziecka.

Z okazji Międzynarodowego Dnia Dziecka 2022 sfinansowaliśmy Akcję „Mały Teatr Dla Wielkich Pacjentów”

Customer satisfaction
is our top priority

In order to keep improving our services, as well as to provide our customers with apartments that meet their expectations, we regularly measure their satisfaction. Our reliability is confirmed by the fact that as many as 87% of our customers are satisfied with the quality of our sales, and 80% are happy with their apartments and homes during the acceptance process. All marketing at ROBYG is fair – we communicate with the customer in a clear and understandable way, while providing them with comprehensive information at all stages of the process. Our customers get access to a customer dashboard, a personal online account and shopping guides.


We ensure safe and comfortable working conditions to all employees, colleagues and contractors working on our construction sites. We pursue the goal of no accidents at work. To this end, we implemented comprehensive health and safety procedures, including site hazard identification, instructions for employees and subcontractors, and standardisation of site safety processes.

– a good employer

We want to be an employer of first choice that can attract, develop and retain talent. We care about the health of our employees – that is why we provide them with access to private medical care and Multisport cards. We also attach great importance to their personal and professional development. We subsidise English language classes and sponsor their participation in specialised training to improve professional skills. We also make sure to focus on well-being in the workplace – that is why we have implemented a number of procedures based on the best global practices governing collaboration.

employer in the face of COVID-19

Our operations are in line with the recommendation of the General Sanitary Inspectorate. We have implemented comprehensive procedures and new ways of working, we disinfect our offices at a regular basis and we test our employees for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We have also implemented state-of-the-art air disinfection technology – Aura Air by Keemple..

Sustainable Development Goals

which we support as part of the ROBYG for People programme

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