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We have been operating in Wrocław since 2018, starting with the construction of the multifunctional ROBYG Jagodno housing estate. In 2020, we acquired Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane, which built apartments in virtually every district of the city for nearly 60 years. Combining the long-standing tradition of WPB with the experience and knowledge of ROBYG Group gave rise to completely new real estate development standards in this historic city.

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When you choose an apartment from the real estate developer ROBYG, you can count on comprehensive service and a package of additional facilities. As an experienced developer, we set new standards in the residential market. ROBYG investment reflects high development standard, innovative eco-solutions and multifunctional spaces that meet all the citizens’ needs.


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ROBYG has been building new apartments in Wrocław since 2018, starting with its largest investment in the capital of Lower Silesia – the multifunctional ROBYG Jagodno housing estate. In May 2020, ROBYG Group acquired Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane, which has made a major contribution to the post-war reconstruction of Wrocław during its 60 years of operations, leaving a lasting mark on the city. Following the acquisition, the ROBYG carried on with WPB development projects, including Leśna Przystań, Uroczysko, Willa nad Potokiem and Wojszyckie Alejki. The upcoming projects are carried out as ROBYG WPB – these include Kameralna Olszówka in Krzyki. Currently, ROBYG is a leading developer in Wrocław and actively contributes to the local real estate market.

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