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Why is it worth consulting a financial expert?
1. Your creditworthiness

Financial expert will check your creditworthiness to help you finance the purchase of your apartment. Open Finance financial expert will then offer you the best solutions to suit your needs.

2. Choose the best option

Financial expert will compare for you credit offers of many banks, verifying among others interest rates, conditions of early payment, commissions and additional costs. This will help you choose the offer which perfectly suits your needs.

3. Attractive credit terms

Financial expert will negotiate the best conditions of credit offers.

4. Financial expert helps complete all documents

Financial expert will help you gather all documents necessary to obtain a mortgage. This will save your precious time.

5. Financial expert will carry out everything for you

Financial expert supervises the whole loan process for you. He or she will conduct negotiations with the bank and will take care of everything so that you obtain the funds to purchase your new apartment as soon as possible.

Financial experts are waiting for you in Sale Offices.