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Together with loan you get package of benefits:

for loans from 100 000 to 200 000 PLN
life insurance free
for loans from 200 000 to 400 000 PLN
life insurance free
or gift card with a value of PLN 600
for loans above 400 000 PLN
valuation of real estate and life insurance
+ free gift card with a value of PLN 600 .
Promotion is valid from 28-07-2014 to 30-06-2017
- counts the date of payment of the first tranche of the loan

Why loan Robyg ?
1 . Your credit rating

Our consultants thoroughly examine the dozen or so banks that have credit capacity to finance the purchase of housing . Then suggest you the best solutions tailored to your capabilities .

2 . You choose the best option

For you compare loan offers a number of banks including checking interest rates , terms of early repayment , fees and additional costs . Thanks to easily choose the best offer for you.

3 . Preferential credit terms

As a major developer negotiated for our customers in many banks offer special credit . They are more attractive than those generally available on the market.

4 . We help complete documents

Financial Expert will help you to collect all the documents needed to get a mortgage . Those on the developer himself forward for the bank. This saves your precious time.

5 . We are all for you

We supervise for you the whole credit process , and because each client is treated individually, so take care of your case so that you as soon as you received the funds to buy a new apartment.

6 . We watch to you worth

Once you receive the credit , our experts will continue to watch over your affairs . If you come on the market more favorable credit solutions - you will be presented.


Loan cost: -

Interest: -

Installment: -

ROBYG offers its customers
free expert help.

Our Financial Experts check in several banks, your credit rating and offer the best solutions , taking into account your abilities and needs . By comparing many banks offer credit for , among others, interest rates , the conditions of early repayment , fees and additional costs can easily choose the best offer for you.

MDM is a government program to support young people in the acquisition of their first dwelling or single family home.

1. Area of apartments to 85 m2.

2. the credit with subsidies can apply:

  • if you have no more than 35 years
    (except for those parents min. 3 children, age limit does not exist in this case)
  • if you’re trying to for the purchase of a first home
    (again, except for those parents with at least 3 children,
    that can apply for funding for the purchase of the next apartment)
  • if you do not have the required funds by banks own contribution
for details, please Financial Expert in the current Sales Office ROBYG
or write to us

Legal basis:
ACT of 27 September 2013. State aid in the purchase of a first home for young people


Surcharge under the program:
10% - single / childless marriage,
15% - married / single, 1 child,
20% - married / single, 2 children
30% - married / single, with 3 children

% the aid NOT calculated from the price of the Apartment .
Payments are calculated respectively from the price of the replacement m2 * and the amount of outstanding capital .

The maximum amount of aid :


10% – 29 112,05 PLN
15% – 43 668,08 PLN (one child)
20% – 58 224,10 PLN (two children)
30% – 113 537,00 PLN (three children subsidies to 65 m2)


10% – 24 260 PLN
15% – 36 390 PLN (one child)
20% – 48 520 PLN (two children)
30% – 94 614 PLN (three children subsidies to 65 m2)


Third quarter of 2017:
– WARSAW: 6 404,65 PLN/m2
(no change compared with the second quarter of 2017)

– GDAŃSK: 5 337,20 PLN/m2
(increase of 107,80 PLN/m2 compared with the second quarter of 2017)