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Warszawa / Włochy

Modern Space

Prices from: 9300 zł / m2 netto

rooms: from   to  
area: - m2
available premises:


Sales Office Modern Space - Wlochy:
02-463 Warszawa | ul. Wiktoryn 6

Phone +48 22 888 50 50

Warszawa / Włochy

Modern Space

Prices from: 9300 zł / m2

rooms: from   to  
area : - m2
available apartments:


Sales Office Modern Space - Wlochy:
02-463 Warszawa | ul. Wiktoryn 6

Phone +48 22 888 50 50
  • Convenient location - close to the center
  • Train station
  • Conference room
    with the office function
  • Protection and monitoring of common areas
  • Dedicated reception with concierge services

Modern Space – Invest and earn!

Modern Space is an absolute novelty on the property market and the most wanted residential space in the capital city! Micro-apartments - comfortable and easy to arrange and perform the a function of full-size accommodation. Floor spaces available from 17 m2 to 39 m2. As attractive and affordable venues, micro-apartments are an excellent alternative to rental of flats for the time of study or work in Warsaw.

  • small floor space of apartment properties means a high return on investments;
  • apartment properties excellent for short- and long-term rental;
  • VAT deductibility also for natural persons - after meeting the statutory conditions;
  • separate land and mortgage register for each apartment property;
  • revenues from rental with value increase at the same time;
  • possibility of rent management and turnkey finishing.

Huge opportunities!

An excellent location ensuring communication with each part of the city and modern and prestigious common areas make Modern Space an interesting alternative to hotels, and micro-apartments can be used, inter alia, for short-term rental.

A two-room apartment property with an area of 36 m2 is the most wanted floor space in Warsaw, treated as an excellent investment in terms of capital allocation. A high standard of these small apartment properties, together with a packet of additional services and the location in the vicinity of business centres guarantee an excellent rate of return. It is also important to remember about the possibility of turnkey finishing, rental management and VAT deduction.

Come back to your own place

A 24-meter squared micro-apartment in the Modern Space investment is a space definitely preferred by working persons. The floor space offers opportunities to rest and relax after work as well as allows occupants to live a comfortable day-to-day life. The arrangeable space will contain all the most important furniture and equipment. The location in the vicinity of business centres facilitates commuting and the proximity of shops, entertainment and shopping centres gives the feeling of living in the heart of events.

Study in your own place

A 17-meter squared apartment property meets excellently the needs of young persons studying in the capital city. A comfortable and arrangeable space combines a place for work, sleeping zone, kitchen area and bathroom with shower. The investment location allows students to reach the largest universities as well as to enjoy the capital city’s attractions, regardless of the chosen means of transport. Modern Space is an excellent alternative to rental of a room for the time of study.

What affects the use comfort
of apartment properties in the Modern Space investment? Definitely their modern nature and elegant form. A dedicated reception with concierge, monitoring, zone of open services, smart solutions, among other things, electronic locks and air-conditioning connection, raise the investment standard and make them unique!

Location of investment

Micro-apartments on the map of the capital city are distinguished by their excellent location near the city centre, at the crossroads of Wola, Ochota and Włochy Districts. These apartment properties are well-connected with each part of Warsaw! Modern Space occupants quickly and easily reach their work, university, Warsaw Chopin Airport from a train station to which a walk takes only 6 minutes. Entertainment and shopping centres, i.e. Blue City and Reduta, are also located nearby. The proximity of office buildings is an additional advantage of this location - this is the guarantee of rental for long years!

The Modern Space investment is located near the City Sfera housing estate, in the vicinity of Szczęśliwicki Park in Warsaw. The surrounding greenery and the park ensure the residents not only clean air but also relax and rest.

Modern Space – we give more!

Modern Space is an offer for everybody. Users of apartment properties with a small floor space receive series of additional amenities, among others, modern smart solutions - electronic locks, dedicated reception with concierge services, security and monitoring, fitness zone, baggage store room and self-service laundry. The air-conditioned conference hall will be an ideal place to organise business or private meetings. In addition, environmentally friendly solutions, inter alia, photovoltaic panels reducing energy bills for common areas, are foreseen in the entire building.

The uppermost floor is designed for a medical centre with a separate entrance, the premises on the ground floor are occupied by shops and service places.

Form and style!

Modern Space means modern apartment properties both for young persons and investors who want to safely and profitably invest their capital. The buildings of the investment combine aesthetic values of modernistic architecture with optimal interior functionality. The designers ensured that each square metre of the apartment property serves it users the best. Subdued colours in greyscale, white and beige perfectly harmonise with the landscape. A modern look of the investment certainly appeals to persons appreciating dynamic designs.

Modern Space - Available apartments

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Modern Space - Available apartments

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Zobacz oferty specjalne w inwestycji Modern Space      Sprawdź promocje
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